Fiesta Jazz  brings you the joy and the flavour of Latin music combined with the virtuosity of jazz musicians. 

 Since October 2000 Fiesta Jazz  is playing Latin Jazz from traditional, instrumental and vocal Afro-Caribbean, Spanish, Brazilian Jazz and South American Jazz, as well as Latin-influenced fusion played by non-Latin musicians. Also we play the fusion of jazz, rock and/or funk with Latin American and Spanish folk rhythms.

 You'll hear groups and musicians of the caliber of Tito Puente, Antonio Carlos Jobím, Paco De Lucía, Mongo Santamaría, Carlos Santana, Irakere, Guaco, Tom Coster, Martes 8:30, Pat Metheny, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, George Benson, Ensamble Gurrufío, Michel Camilo, Sergio Méndez, William Cepeda, Paquito D'Rivera, Arturo Sandoval, Hilton Ruíz, Eddie Palmieri, Luis Bonfa, Chick Corea, Giovanni Hidalgo, Rubén Blades, Chano Domínguez, Steve Khan and many more including a big range of independent artists!

"My definition of Latin jazz is jazz music combined with our Latin rhythms. It's a marriage of both music, the modern conception of jazz's harmonic and melodic aspects, combined with our Latin percussion instruments, our basic cultural instruments. It reflects the strength of the roots of both music. I think that creates excitement, that combination, and it's unique within the jazz tradition." 

Tito Puente 1923-2000



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